Thursday, July 21, 2011

Southern Hospitality

I am currently waiting for my flight to Greenville, SC. This flight was delayed by about 2 hours so thank goodness I brought my favorite reading material... Southern Living magazine! As I was reading to pass the time, I encountered an article about the people involved in the terrible Alabama tornados. The article contained the following quote "as southerners we know that... There is no hurt in this world, even in the storm of the century, that cannot be comforted with a casserole". It also went into more serious detail about how faith cannot be knocked down. I read the casserole line and smiled! Only in the south do folks help heal others with casseroles. Whenever there is a death in the family or when bad times are upon you, your southern friends will be there with a casserole and a hug. This is just one of many reasons why I love the south. Everyone is friendly and hospitable and they truly care about their neighbors. When I think of the true small town, old school south I think of my Glenn Springs,SC. This is the town where my grandparents lived during my childhood. This town doesn't even have 1 stoplight! (it does have 1 intersection that has a constant flashing yellow caution light but That's it!) All of my memories of Glenn Springs involve family, friends, food and fellowship. I have been there during celebrations such as weddings andfamily reunions and I've been there for funerals too. However, one thing is always constant no matter the mood.the food! It's amazing how chicken pot pie and macaroni and cheese can bring people together! If you're ever near upstate South Carolina I encourage you to explore Glenn Springs. There is something to be said for the folks that live there and in every other small southern town! Their friendliness is unrivaled and they really do show that they care with casseroles!


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