Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello blogosphere!

My name is Meredith and I am a true southerner! I grew up in the south, went to college in the south, and I now teach school in the south. I am very proud of my husband who curently serves in the US army. I take my role as both teacher and army wife seriously! Within both of these roles a postive attitude definiely comes in handy! By day, I try my best to inspire young minds and let them know that hard work is the key to success. By night (and on the weekends) I try to stay positive and offer support to the other army wives that surround me. Many of our husbands are deployed over seas this year. Because of this, we need all the support and positivity we can get! It's not always easy, but at the end of the day, I love my life (and all of the stress that comes with it).

I recently read this article and thought it was very well written. I also love that it was written by another teacher and military wife :-) http://atwar.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/08/a-spouse-confronts-the-military-civilian-divide/

I definitely relate to the woman who wrote the article above. It is very hard to understand what military life is like if you are not involved with the military. I would love to hear others' thoughts on this article and how they feel that they relate to and understand military life. I just married into the military lifestyle a year ago and I definitely did NOT know what I was getting in to. At first I hated it! I didn't like to be told what to do, where to go and when! But, now that I've gotten used to it, I really enjoy the military lifestyle (for the most part). Crazy right???  YES, this deployment stinks, YES, I miss my husband terribly and NO, I'm not too fond of moving around all the time but the bonds and friendships that I have formed with the other army wives during this deployment are so strong. I am thankful for being put into a situation to become so close with so many other strong and supportive women.

I hope to use this blog as a way to keep you posted about what's happening in my classroom, how the army wives and me are dealing with the current deployment and keep you updated about interesting articles and internet finds.

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  1. Mer the beautiful thing that happens from the military lifestyle is the fact that it brings people into your life you wouldn't have otherwise met.....I am so thankful you have been brought into my life...you are my FAVORITE southerner...an amazing and true friend, and a true southern bell :) If Chris wanted to do 20 years in the military there is no doubt in my mind....you would be able to do 25...I really think we all have grown a lot in this past year, you included.....you have a broader more open minded view on life and I love that about you :)